WhatsApp Plans to improve sending of payment and Is Testing A New In-App Payment Shortcut

A payment shortcut appears to be coming to WhatsApp for Android’s chat section. In the starting, the new feature will only be available to beta testers in India. 

Separately, WhatsApp for Desktop customers can now participate in a beta program to test unreleased features for Windows, Mac, and IOS. 

WhatsApp for iPhone is also rumored to be working on a revamped contact details page, which will be available in beta and limited to corporate accounts at first. 

WhatsApp has also been discovered working on bringing multi-device functionality to iPad and Android tablet users.

WhatsApp plans on introducing a new shortcut for WhatsApp Pay within the chat window. This feature was first spotted on WhatsApp Beta by users in India, though it’s likely to cut a future stable build of WhatsApp.

The revelation was made by WABetaInfo (via XDA) with the help of a screenshot showing the new WhatsApp Pay shortcut.

This feature was first spotted on WhatsApp beta version 2.21.17

In its current form, WhatsApp Pay can be accessed by heading over to the chat action sheet. But it’s clear that WhatsApp wants to make the process more seamless by integrating it into the chat bar.

WhatsApp is reportedly testing this feature for iOS devices as well, so it’s likely going to be a common feature soon. Users currently on WhatsApp beta version 2.21.17 should be able to find the new icon for WhatsApp Pay.

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WhatsApp Payment Shortcut

According to WABetaInfo, a WhatsApp features tracker, WhatsApp for Android beta version 2.21.17 has included a new payment shortcut to the chat bar, allowing users to make payments swiftly. 

This option is accessible in addition to the current Payment option on the chat action sheet.

The WhatsApp payment shortcut seems to be in the middle of the Camera and Attachments button on the chat bar. It is now only available to Indian customers and claims to be rolling out to beta testers. 

This implies that customers in Brazil are unable to use the button; despite the fact that the payments service has been available to Brazilian users for some time. In India, the button is not yet available to all users.

According to WABetaInfo, WhatsApp is working on a similar payment shortcut for iPhone users. And some users have reported seeing the shortcut next to the Camera and Mic buttons.

Separately, WABetaInfo reports that WhatsApp’s multi-device support for iPad users has been extended. Users will get the new experience through a separate WhatsApp for iPad app. 

Android tablet users are also expecting to get multi-device compatibility soon.

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The Indian Government limits overall third-party app UPI transactions to 30%, which explains why WhatsApp hasn’t rolled out its payments feature to all users in the region. WhatsApp has well over 400 million users across India.

If you’re one of the lucky few users who have access to WhatsApp Pay, the new payments button in the chat bar should appear fairly soon.

WhatsApp has made a handful of changes to its app since its inception several years ago. The long-awaited multi-device support is on the way. 

WhatsApp said in June that it would allow users to access their WhatsApp accounts from up to four different devices. However, the company won’t allow your primary WhatsApp account to be accessed on a second phone.

The popular chat client is also bringing end-to-end encryption to cloud backups on Google Drive or iCloud. 

While chats within the device are end-to-end encrypted, WhatsApp couldn’t secure backups on Google or Apple cloud platforms. The addition of this feature would offer an extra layer of security to WhatsApp chats on the cloud. 

This feature was first spotted on WhatsApp version 2.21.17.

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