How to easily swap from old WhatsApp number to a new number without loosing old chats

The majority of smartphone users rely on WhatsApp for messaging. Messages on WhatsApp are often lost when the number is changed and a new account is opened. 

But with the change number feature, you can change your phone number without losing WhatsApp messages. 

This will automatically notify those on the contact list that the number has changed. Let us see step by step how to use this feature.

How to change your WhatsApp mobile number without losing chats?

Make sure that the new SIM card is able to send and receive messages after inserting the SIM card with the new number in the phone. You also need to make sure that the old phone number is still registered on WhatsApp. 

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You can find out the registered number by clicking on your profile in WhatsApp settings. Once this is done, the number can be changed according to the following methods.

  1. Open your WhatsApp 
  2. Go to Settings against iPhone users. If you have an Android phone, you can see Settings by clicking on the three dots above. 
  3. Then click on the Account option and then click on Change Number. After confirming it, click on the Next button.
  4. On the page that opens, the question of whether you can receive calls or messages from the new number will appear. After confirming it, click on the Next button.
  5. Type the new and old numbers in the appropriate places 
  6. Click Next to proceed to the final procedure 
  7. WhatsApp will ask if you can notify your contact list about the change of number. There will be options for all contacts, contacts in chats, and selected contacts, but WhatsApp will automatically notify member groups about the change of number.
  8. Select the appropriate one and click on Done.
  9. The procedure will be completed as soon as a six-digit code reaches you via SMS or Phone. You can use WhatsApp without losing old chats once registration is complete.
  10. At the same time, if you change the phone along with the number, you need to back up the chats in Google Drive or iCloud. Restoring this backup will make the old chats available on the new phone as well

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