How to Hide and Call from an MTN Private Phone Number

MTN private phone number

If you don’t know how to hide or private your MTN number, you won’t be able to make use of the perks that come with it.

Simply enter #31# before the number you wish to contact to hide your mobile number while making a call. 

This free service private your phone number, which will appear on the other end as “Private” while reading caller ID.

Before we get into the meat of this post, we’d want to explain why you should know how to hide your MTN number. 

Let’s get started.

Reasons for hiding your MTN Phone Number

1. You wish to remain anonymous to the receiver

This might be due to the individual ignoring your calls. Or maybe you want to phone someone unexpectedly. 

You just wish to conceal your identity for any other purpose.

2. For security purposes

Security concerns such as maintaining your profile and not having the public eye on you. 

when you may need to make certain important calls, before you do anything else, the smartest thing to do is to hide your  MTN digits.

3. You do not want the receiver to know your phone number

Another reason you may want to hide your MTN phone number is that you don’t want your number to be recorded or stored. 

That means you may not want the receiver to have your phone number retained in their contact list after some discussion with him or her.

How to hide your phone number on MTN 

Hiding your phone number is very easy but it varies on the type of phone you’re using.

The way Android users hide their phone numbers might not be the same as IOS users. 

So don’t be worried we’re going to talk about the ways to hide your phone numbers either Android or IOS.

For Android users 

Go to your phone settings under the menu

Select “Call settings

Choose “Additional settings

Select “Caller ID

Choose “hide number” to hide your phone number.

Please note that doing this makes your phone number private to all contacts on your phone.

For IOS users 

For you to hide your phone number follow the instructions below: 

Locate phone settings in your phone menu

Select “Phone

Choose “Show My Caller ID

Select the options to either show or hide your phone number.

Note that this takes action on all your contact on your phone.


How to hide your phone number with a code 

On MTN, there is a special code for hiding phone numbers. 

Each time you wish to make a call while keeping your identity secret, add this code #31# to the number you’re going to dial.

Unlike when you configure your phone to private your number, it keeps you private for every number you call. 

For example, call #31#08123456789, and your number will be hidden from the recipient.

After knowing how to hide your MTN phone numbers for privacy reasons, some will like to know how to undo it because it’s not everyone like receiving calls with private numbers, especially parents or business partners and others.

Don’t panic the same way you learned how to hide your number is the same way you will learn how to unlock your number.

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How to disable private numbers on MTN 

There’s always a solution to all problems and there’s always a way to undo things that were done even by mistakes. 

Asking if you can disable your private number and start using the normal way of making Calls, well the answer is yes you can undo it.

How to remove a private number from your phone

Step 1:

on your phone, click the “Phone” icon. When you click on the icon, you’ll get lists of your calls which is also known as the Call Log or call history.

Step 2:

Now, find the three-dot symbol in the upper right corner of your screen and click it.

Step 3:

After clicking the three dots in the upper right corner of your screen, there’s a menu with many choices that will be displayed, then select Settings.

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Step 4: 

After you click on settings, you will see another option. Choose Calling accounts from the menu shown to you.

Step 5: 

If you have two SIM cards, choose the one which is the MTN which you want to deactivate the private number. After that choose Additional Settings.

Step 6: 

After clicking Additional Settings, click on the caller ID that should appear on the menu.

Locate the Network Default and click it on the new popped-up menu list.

This is to show or disable your MTN private number. This simply means that you can now call people without a private number showing on the receiver’s phone.






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