How to activate an emergency alarm on your phone

We’ve all had in mind to have a phone that can save us when we’re in need of an urgent emergency.

That’s why we’re here again to remind you of this ” YOUR PHONE CAN SAVE YOU” and if you don’t believe or you don’t know how kindly read to know how to activate an emergency alarm on your phone. 

Samsung phone product is said to be the number one (1) best Android phone or mobile device which has a lot of beautiful and nice features in it and even the “Emergency alarm”. 

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But truth be told not many of us know that a low Android phone to has this emergency alarm feature. This means you might be holding a phone that can hopefully save your life one day. 

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Well without waisting much of your time here, let’s talk about how to activate this lifesaving feature on your device. 

How to activate an emergency alarm feature on your Android phone 

If you’re finding it difficult to activate the emergency alarm feature on your phone, kindly follow these simple steps to get started. 

Step 1

Open your phone and go to the settings option on your phone.

Step 2 

After opening the settings option on your phone, scroll up a little bit and look for the “INTELLIGENT ASSISTANCE” option. 

Step 3

After seeing the option, click it to take you to another menu. 

Step 4 

After clicking the option, you will see some options on the next page. Kindly look for the “EMERGENCY RESCUE” option and click it. 

Step 5 

After clicking the option, a new view will appear showing you things about emergencies. Firstly you will want to activate the EMERGENCY RESCUE by clicking this button to activate. 

Step 6 

After activating the EMERGENCY RESCUE option, it is also advisable to write down what message you want your phone to automatically send to your relatives or friends that you’re going to put. 

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Step 7 

To write down the emergency messages, Kindly go to the next option which is the “EDIT EMERGENCY RESCUE MESSAGE” option, and click it to write down the message you want your phone to send to your friends or families.

Step 8 

Always know that when you need an urgent emergency, it is better or advisable to send multiple messages to the person you’re trying to reach out to because they might not be aware the first time but multiple messages can do a very good calling to the person. 

Step 9 

To activate this, Go to the “FREQUENCY OF MESSAGE SENDING” option and click how many times and how many minutes you want the message to send. 

Step 10

After all, this, Click the Emergency contact and add the contacts you want your phone to automatically send the message to. 

After you’ve done all these things by following the steps, you should test if it’s working by Tapping your phone’s power button very fast for about five (5) times

That’s all about activating the EMERGENCY ALARM option on your phone. Follow the steps and you’re good to go.

For more tutorials on this kindly watch the video down below to know more…


Please note that you shouldn’t try this whenever you’re not in need of medical attention, because this could cause someone to be very afraid. 

So it’s advisable to apply this to your phone and use it when you’re In need of an urgent emergency. 

Thanks for reading, please share with your friends and comment if yours didn’t work and we will attend to you as fast as possible.







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