Truecaller Launches Guardians App in Case of Emergency and Personal Safety

TrueCaller, the best smartphone application has introduces the new personal guardian's security application which allows users to provide parents with their location information and alerts in case of an emergency. 

The app is built in such a way that you can quickly contact the closest people in case of emergencies. Family members, relatives, and friends can be added to the app's emergency list. 

The app will allow the users to alert their guardians in case of an emergency. Truecaller is a caller ID platform that provides information regarding recent callers.

Truecaller claims that the application will never share any personal information with any third-party application. 

It will never use personal information for commercial purposes that is to say Truecaller guarantees that no users' personal information will be shared with other third-party apps and will not be used for other commercial purposes.

This app is mainly built and designed for women. That is why this app has arrived ahead of this year's International Women's Day. This app can be used for free. There will be no ads or premium limits. 

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The Truecaller app will provide a shortcut button to the Guardians app to attract users in the coming days.

Truecaller says they wanted to crowdsource personal safety just like the crowdsource protection against spam and frauds. 

The users will be able to sign up on the application with an existing Truecaller account which means you can login to the Guardians app with your existing True Caller ID. 

The Guardian app requires location, contacts, and phone permission. In addition to the Guardian app location, the report will also share information with the parent about how much the phone's battery and network have.

The emergency button can be clicked if at any point you feel you are in a dangerous situation. Information including location will be passed on to the people listed on the emergency list. 

The app has also started working on a feature that will transfer information to people, including the police, in case of immediate assistance.

This personal security app has been developed by teams from Sweden and India. The Guardians app has been around for the past 15 months. Also, the personal safety app will work with the police. 

Truecaller has plans to enable the support within the application to get help from local law enforcement. It is looking for local law enforcement agencies to partner with for providing support to the users.

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How will Truecaller guardians work?

The application will ask the users to select the personal guardians from their contact list and then easily send messages and make phone calls to selected contacts. 

The users can choose when to stop or start sharing location with the Guardians. Also, can permanently share their location with the selected contacts.

However, the application shares location steadily to preserve the battery life. When the user switches the application to emergency mode It will share the precise location of the user with his or her guardians.

Apart from this, the application will also share the network strength and battery life of the phone. Even if the user has an Android phone and the guardians have an iPhone; the application will provide Location tracking on both operating systems.

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Lastly, the application will allow the Guardians to call or message the user with the one-tap feature. Safety is the most important thing right now and that is why True Caller is launching the Guardians app on March 8.

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