What is OMAIL extractor and how to use it

Email extraction is one of the best ways most users use to contact company owners for work or website owners for assistance in order to understand their site. 

Stay with us in this article as we’re going to be discussing a short review about one of the best email extractor software named “OMAIL” and how to use it. But first, let’s talk about what is OMAIL extractor.

What is an OMAIL extractor 

OMail extractor is a customer lead management tool that pulls pertinent client emails based on chosen nations and keyword combinations. With industry-leading speed, it makes it possible to confirm the legitimacy of email addresses. 

With an active customer care service agent and also good quality use, omail stands as the best email extraction software. For more information please visit the omail extractor site. 

Now that we’ve known some basic headlines about this extractor software,  let’s talk about how to use this software and how it does work. 

How does the OMAIL extractor work

Omail extractor works like other email extractor software but there are some features it has that make it more different than others and easier to use. Keep reading as we discuss how it works. 

To know how the omail extractor works, you should have to know that it extracts email addresses from the selected country of your choice and also the specific type of product, company name or company product, etc. 

It gives you the user the targeted product-producing company emails or targeted keywords emails that are active. This is one thing that makes this software so different from other email extractor software. Now that we’ve known how it works, let’s talk about how to use it. 

How to use an OMAIL extractor

To know how to use an omail extractor you must know how it works, and if you’re reading this,  you must have understood how it works because we’ve talked about it in this post. Now keep reading as we’re going to be talking about how to use this software in simple steps.

Step 1: 

Create an account on the omail extractor site and verify your account. You can also buy a one-year plan that comes with good features like access to downloading the emails extracted because a free account does not give that access, and also the paid plan lets the users extract as many emails as possible, but the free plan is limited.

Step 2: 

After registration and verification, you can now extract emails from the software by clicking the “NEW EMAIL EXTRACTION BUTTON” and inputting the keyword, product or company, and country you want to target and click “START EXTRACTION” and immediately it will start to extract the emails immediately. 

Step 3: 

After you’re done extracting the emails, the next thing to do is to download the emails by clicking the download button to save them automatically in your file. 

Follow the steps listed and you will get good leads for your work or other things. 


They’re lots of email extraction software that are popularly known by a lot of people but the omail extractor is not popularly known but it is the best according to our research and recommendation. 


How much is the omail extractor plan?

The omail extractor subscription has only one plan which is valued at $78. 

Does the OMAIL extractor support refund of payment? 

Yes. This is done whereby you chat with their customer service and explain to them and instantly your refund will be sent to you. 

How many users can log in to one account?

There’s no limit to the users that can log in to one account. 

How many extraction tasks can each account start at the same time?

Only one extraction task is supported for start at a time.

Kindly visit the site for more Information about the Frequently asked questions (FAQ).



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