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How to prevent your phone from hanging

The phone has been a major means of communication in the 21st century, almost If not everyone owns a phone.

Users sometimes run into the problem of a hanging phone, in this case, the phone starts hanging and may or may not respond to a certain function after it has been processed for a long time.

Furthermore, this can lead to an embarrassing situation and might become a bit annoying. Cases like this get upsetting especially when you need to get something done quickly.

In this article we will look at some of the Reasons phones hang and how to prevent your phone from hanging.


Reasons why your phone hangs

Below are some of the causes and how to prevent them;


1. When the RAM is low

As a volatile memory unit, it holds files that are currently being worked on. RAM stands for “random access memory,” and the amount of RAM in a phone has a direct impact on its performance.

The faster a phone runs, the more RAM it has, and the slower it runs, the less RAM it has. Since they all have an internal storage unit, when it becomes overburdened with data or information, it will start hanging immediately.

Unneeded files and videos/images can be removed by simply deleting them. Clearing the browser’s cache and deleting unnecessary apps can also help free up space in the phone’s memory storage compartment.

For more informations kindly watch the video below on how to fix hanging phone issues as we proceed with the post.



2. Overheating

When phones are used for browsing, making calls, or viewing movies for lengthy periods of time, they become overheated. As a result, this can have a negative effect on the battery life of the phone. It is best to avoid using the phone for long periods of time to avoid it overheating.


3. Outdated software

When the software or operating system is outdated, If you don’t do a software update when your smartphone asks for it every week or month, it could hurt the way your phone works. Smartphones are built to need regular updates of their operating systems.

In conclusion, the figure solution to this phone hanging issue is not far from the cause. Simply look out for these key errors and either avoid them or get a new one.