How Much Do Cigarettes Cost In Canada – See Prices in 2024

Hello, have you been wondering how much cigarettes cost in Canada? Today we have discussed how much you can get a cigarette in Canada.

A cigarette is a narrow cylinder containing burnable material, generally tobacco, that is wadded into thin paper for smoking. The cigarette is ignited at one end, inducing it to smolder; the smoke is orally inhaled via the opposite end. Cigarette smoking is the most common method of tobacco consumption.


How much do cigarettes cost in Canada?

It varies from Province to Province from $96 per carton (200 cigarettes) to $120 per carton. You can sometimes get them cheaper by purchasing at Reservations, as low as $70 per carton.
On average, you can expect to pay around $12.33 per pack. How much is a carton of cigarettes in Canada? Each brand imposes its own price for a carton of cigarettes, ranging from $95 to $150.
Here are some reviews from a few folks around we found about the cost of cigarettes in Canada
I don’t smoke, quit 6 years ago when a pack of 25 king-size clouds of smoke was $10.00. Now I hear there is around $17.00 a pack. Really weird that people will pay that kind of money every day to kill themselves. Must have someone in one’s life worth living for instead of paying to kill yourself. Something to think about from someone who smoked for 46 years and now has COPD is slowly killing me.
Boy I can answer this for sure!! The cheapest pack I found when I was there was almost $15.00 Canadian dollars. And if you smoke menthol you are out of luck. I know the province I was in New Brunswick got rid of flavored cigarettes and cigars because they said it made it more appealing to kids. I’m pretty sure it’s like that throughout the whole country except on the Indian reserves.
It is slightly different in each province due to provincial taxation.
In BC, if you buy them in bulk, (2 packages at a time) you can get a deal at about $14 for 20 cigarettes. Single packages cost closer to $15 each. By the carton for $125 for 200 darts is the best overall deal.
If you are a Canadian status First Nation person WITH a status card for proof, and you buy cigarettes on reserve, you save the federal taxes (unless they have replaced the federal taxes with Nation taxation) at $2.25/package, so 20 cigarettes will only cost you ~ $11.75, or $100 for a carton of 200.

Will cigarettes in Canada ever be banned?

No smoking is just being reinvented. We’re now vaping and not smoking, but still consuming nicotine. It’s also tax revenue for the government, so I can’t see how it’ll be banned.

Why are cigarettes so expensive in Canada?

There are very high taxes on them to dissuade smokers from smoking. It works. There are fewer and fewer smokers every year, aside from those who died because of smoking-related ailments.
The high prices demoralize thousands from even starting smoking every year. That is the entire idea of the high taxes on them.
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