How To Easily Show Battery Percentage On iPhone 13 In 2024

The vague and nondescript battery icon indicator in the notification bar on Apple iPhones does not display a precise measurement of the current battery percentage, which can be a hassle for many. This easy 3-step tutorial by Updatemii is everything that you need to do to show the battery percentage on your iPhone 13!

Find a vague battery status indicator icon irritating. One moment, it appears to be something like 40 percent, and the next time you look, it’s almost empty! Then you open up your settings and check the percentage in panic, only to see that you’ve still got two hours left. Sound familiar?

Likely, as that is the reason you searched for and discovered this article to figure out how to enable battery percentage on the iPhone 13! This fast instructional tutorial by UpdateMii starts simply by scrolling below.


3 Easy Steps To Enable Battery Percentage On The iPhone 13 In 3 Scrolls and Taps

Step 1: Open your Settings app.

The standard iOS Settings app with the iconic Steel Grey tri-spoke icon makes a comeback on the iPhone 13. Locate it in your App Drawer, and tap it to open. You’ll see a vertical list of settings for your iPhone 13 series device.

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Step 2: Scroll down and tap “Battery”.

The green battery icon does not appear in the first segment of settings in the app, so you need to scroll down two to three times to view it. Once you’ve found it, marked with the green icon and the word “Battery”, tap it to open.


Step 3: Switch “Battery Percentage” on.

You will see two UI switches, one for battery percentage and the other for low-power mode. Both display the battery status. However, the Low Power Mode may not be useful to you, as it sacrifices a minor amount of performance to boost the battery. Tap the horizontal switch next to “Battery Percentage” so that it becomes green. You’ll notice now that the battery status appears next to the battery indicator on your iPhone 13’s notification bar!


How to show battery percentage on iPhone 13 and 13 Pro

There are a few things that are more crucial when it comes to charging your new iPhone than checking the battery life of the device. It offers you a reliable indication of how much power is still available for usage. It also tells you if there is enough battery life for you to charge the device at home or whether you will need to use a portable charger.

Thankfully for customers, Apple has, for several generations now, given iPhone owners the ability to check the exact amount of battery life left on their smartphones. On the iPhone 13 and Pro models, though, finding it is a bit different. The battery percentage is a standard feature on the iPhone 13 in all models, unlike earlier iterations of the iPhone when you had to turn it on in the settings app.

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Simply swipe down from the top-right corner of the iPhone screen to reveal the Control Center, and you’ll be able to view it. The percentage remaining will then be shown in the upper-right corner of the screen next to the power symbol. To enable battery percentage on iPhone 13 series handsets, all you had to do was that.


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