YouTube introduces new changes in video settings you must see

YouTube has updated its terms and policies with new changes in video settings. YouTube’s new update comes with a change in video resolution selection. YouTube has changed the video quality in the new settings, which were previously provided in several resolution numbers. Instead of resolution numbers, each mode determines the quality of the video viewed.

Instead of the previous resolution numbers of 144p, 240p, 360p, and 480p, you can now see a total of four options.  The new options offered are Advanced, Data Saver, Higher Picture Quality, and Auto. Let’s see what quality each option offers. Auto mode works in the same way as the old format. Video quality varies depending on the speed of the network you are using.

Whether you are using mobile data or Wi-Fi, YouTube will detect its speed and determine the quality of the video you watch accordingly. Video quality is determined by YouTube itself, so you can watch video buffering without slowing down the network.

This allows you to watch high-quality video when your network has good speeds and low-quality video when the speed is low.


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1. Higher Picture Quality

Higher Picture Quality is the highest quality option, as the name implies. By selecting this option, your video will only play in high quality.

Higher quality does not change with increasing or decreasing network speed. But when the network slows down, the video will stop or experience buffering.


2. Data Saver

A data saver is an option that is the exact opposite of higher picture quality. If this option is used, the videos will only work at their lowest quality, thereby reducing data usage. This is a great option to use when you are on a wireless connection (using mobile data on a computer).


3) Advanced

You can see the resolution numbers in the Advanced option. This is an option that can be used selectively for any resolution from 144p to 1080p or higher.

YouTube introduces new changes in video settings you must see



How do I set the YouTube video default configuration?

The new setting does not allow you to specify an option for all videos by default. But you can go to the app settings and enter the default setting for the video in the ‘Video Quality Preference’ menu.

But there is another problem with this: it does not provide advanced settings containing resolution numbers. Therefore, only the three options—Auto, Higher Picture Quality, and Data Saver—can be provided by default.

The new settings are useful for those who do not know how resolution numbers work. It’s just a new step for those who know. YouTube is bringing new settings with a change in the server. This setting may not be available to users now, even if it is an updated YouTube, but this setting will change soon.

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